Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am not gonna lie...these past few months have been a whirlwind.  A whirlwind of packing, moving, cleaning, decorating, exploring...but especially a whirlwind of emotions.  It's no secret...this move hasn't been easy on me.  My heart seemed to shatter at the mere thought of leaving all my dearest friends and my godchild Peanut.  I kept on thinking of everthing I would miss instead of the new adventures that lie ahead.  And the hardest part of it all was I KNEW this move was right.  I had no doubt this is where God wanted us, and I absolutely loved the idea of a new adventure with J - just the two of us. heart was torn.  Many times in our lives God calls us to blind faith and this was one of those moments.  Deep breath.  It was time to leap.  So I leaped - with J right by my side holding my hand...and I have to be's been pretty amazing.  Not that there aren't pangs of homesickness for the life we once had, but the excitement and feeling that we are exactly where God wants us far exceeds it all.   

We are now snuggled quite nicely into our adorable new townhome, in our new city, and our new adventure has begun.  Books are starting to fill the bookselves.  Pictures are getting hung.  Fabulous towns are being discovered.  Guests are starting to knock on our door.  And...these walls are starting to look less foreign and feel more like home. I actually find myself looking around the place quite often and feeling too blessed by it all.  I am humbled.  God blesses so richly even when I doubt the journey. 

It took us moving for me to realize a few things.  One...the thought of moving was much harder for me than actually moving.  Two...the people I love don't really feel too far away no matter where I live because they are such a big part of my heart that I think about them and love them more than ever.  Three...change is good.  Change is really good.  Something in my spirit gets renewed by change.  I was stagnant.  I NEEDED to be moved.  I feel a fire coming back into my soul that hasn't been there for a while...and it feels really good. 

This evening I went out for coffee with my dear friend Harmony, explored some fabulous new shops, ran to the grocery store, and then made some delicious orange scones from scratch.  It was a perfect Friday night.  Then it hit me...this is it...I am finally home.