Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Oh dear sweet blog...how I have neglected you.  It's been 3 1/2 years since my last post, and so much life has happened since I last wrote...but...that's not what I am going to write about today.  Today's post is about Bill. 

Bill is a new man in my life.  He is very handsome, has an awesome smile, and gives great hugs.  He is also in his eighties and is the greeter at our local Meijer.    I have had my eye on Bill for a while, but didn't get to fully introduce myself until the other night. 

I was a woman on the hunt.  I had the most ahhh-mazing roasted garlic hummus at a friend's house the other night and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  This trip to Meijer marked my FOURTH different grocery store visit in one day to find this rare treasure.  You see, here's the thing, I absolutely love love love a good treasure hunt and I become very determined (ie slightly obsessed...FINE...completely obsessed) when the object of my affection alludes me.  Hence the ridiculous amount of grocery stores in one day...just. for. hummus.  However, I just KNEW this one would have my treat!  Little did I know what a true treasure I would find. 

I walked in with a determined excitement just knowing I would be dining on my hard earned hummus for dinner.   That's when I saw him.  My. Favorite. Greeter.  You see...this wasn't our first encounter.  Every time I saw this wonderful man he always had something unbelievably kind to say to anyone who would listen and was so completely genuine.  All it took was him telling me I looked pretty one time and I was hooked...seriously...I am such a sucker for white hair and kind eyes.   Still, I didn't know who he was just how he made me feel...and he always made me feel so very special. 

Back to my entrance.  So in I walked, saw my favorite greeter, and right next to him was the very last little cart (fyi...they're my favorites).  I walked up, asked if I could have that very last little cart and that's where our journey began.  He had been in the middle of helping someone corral carts in and the moment I asked, his complete attention turned to me.  He leaned close and very seriously said "Miss, the only way you can have this cart is if you do two things for me."  I was intrigued, and I wanted the cart, so I agreed.  He said "First, I need a smile".  Geez...super easy...I am great at smiles.  I flashed him my pearly whites.  Done!  Then he hesitated and he said  "and second, I need a hug".  So, I gave him the biggest hug I could muster.  I hugged him with every ounce of joy and love in me.  If he needed a hug I was gonna give him one to remember.   We then had a wonderful conversation for about 5 minutes or more right at the front of Meijer, with a few more hugs thrown in,  and he made me promise I wouldn't leave without giving him one last hug.  I promised.  Bee lined it to the hummus...and...found it!!!!  VICTORY!!!  I may or may not have slipped in some chocolate into the cart also.  A girl's gotta have dessert!  And, with that my treasure hunt was complete. 

As promised, I came back for one last hug before I left and introduced myself.  That's when I learned that my new friend's name is Bill.  Once again, Bill stopped everything he was doing to give me his full attention and chat.  I left feeling so...blessed.  I came in that night with the hope of finding hummus, and came out with my treasured hummus and a beautiful new friend. 

God has brought Bill to my mind so many times these last few days.  So much so that I am blogging after 3 1/2 years.  :)  You see, God reminded me that he is a lot like my new friend Bill.  Just like Bill, God is always there to greet us.  He wants to greet us first no matter where we go in life.  Just like Bill, God always has something unbelievably kind to say to anyone and everyone who will listen, and is so completely genuine.  Just like Bill, God's complete attention turns to us the moment we ask.  He will 'chat' with us as long as we need and as often as we want, and will make us feel like we are the only one in the world.  Just like Bill, God always invites us to love others.  Sometimes in big ways like forgiving the unforgivable, and sometimes in small ways like a simple smile to a stranger or a hug for a friend.  Just like Bill, even when we don't fully know Him we know how He makes us feel...so very special and blessed.  Just like Bill, God is a gentleman.  He never forces himself on anyone who doesn't come to him first.  Just like Bill, He is just waiting to bless us...waiting for us to slow down, stop, and notice him.  And...just like Bill, God watches as most of us rush past Him with a quick smile and a friendly nod in our hurry to 'live our life', not realizing the blessing and true treasure we are passing by. 

How often do we go through our lives 'treasure hunting', determined to find our next treasure at all costs (a new job, a new home, expanding our family, making new friends, losing weight, gaining weight...the list can go on and on).  And, although, these treasures are beautiful and wonderful if we are too focused only on what we want we may be passing by the greatest treasures, God's treasures, just because we aren't looking for them.  How many times, how many YEARS, have I passed by Bill and never realized the true treasure he is?  How many of God's treasures have I walked passed in search of something I thought I HAD to have.  I don't have that answer, but I do know that I want to slow down.  I don't want to 'rush past Him with a quick smile and a friendly nod'.  I want to stop and say hello.  I want to be His friend.  I want to keep building a deep, lasting relationship where when I run into a grocery store to get hummus I get a new friend who reminds me that God's way of life is always so much sweeter than mine.

I want all my treasure hunts to begin and end with Him.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am not gonna lie...these past few months have been a whirlwind.  A whirlwind of packing, moving, cleaning, decorating, exploring...but especially a whirlwind of emotions.  It's no secret...this move hasn't been easy on me.  My heart seemed to shatter at the mere thought of leaving all my dearest friends and my godchild Peanut.  I kept on thinking of everthing I would miss instead of the new adventures that lie ahead.  And the hardest part of it all was I KNEW this move was right.  I had no doubt this is where God wanted us, and I absolutely loved the idea of a new adventure with J - just the two of us.  Simply...my heart was torn.  Many times in our lives God calls us to blind faith and this was one of those moments.  Deep breath.  It was time to leap.  So I leaped - with J right by my side holding my hand...and I have to be honest...it's been pretty amazing.  Not that there aren't pangs of homesickness for the life we once had, but the excitement and feeling that we are exactly where God wants us far exceeds it all.   

We are now snuggled quite nicely into our adorable new townhome, in our new city, and our new adventure has begun.  Books are starting to fill the bookselves.  Pictures are getting hung.  Fabulous towns are being discovered.  Guests are starting to knock on our door.  And...these walls are starting to look less foreign and feel more like home. I actually find myself looking around the place quite often and feeling too blessed by it all.  I am humbled.  God blesses so richly even when I doubt the journey. 

It took us moving for me to realize a few things.  One...the thought of moving was much harder for me than actually moving.  Two...the people I love don't really feel too far away no matter where I live because they are such a big part of my heart that I think about them and love them more than ever.  Three...change is good.  Change is really good.  Something in my spirit gets renewed by change.  I was stagnant.  I NEEDED to be moved.  I feel a fire coming back into my soul that hasn't been there for a while...and it feels really good. 

This evening I went out for coffee with my dear friend Harmony, explored some fabulous new shops, ran to the grocery store, and then made some delicious orange scones from scratch.  It was a perfect Friday night.  Then it hit me...this is it...I am finally home. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Dear Motivation,

Where are you?  I have been looking for you the last couple of days and simply cannot find you.  Please come and find me soon.  I will be sitting on my couch waiting.  Thank you.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New year...new Betty...new post.

I have neglected my blog.  There.  I said it.  I am riddled with guilt and, thankfully, Ugly Betty came to my rescue tonight.  In this episode Betty started her own blog and as I was curled up on the couch I reached for my computer to start writing again.  Ahhh...I have missed this.  New year means new dedication in ALL areas of my life. 

So...let's catch up!  I left you all in suspense about what to name my new business venture.  The wait is over...the new company name is 'so sarah designs'!  Think kitchen meets diva...and that is what I specialize in!  :)  Fabulous aprons, beaded and sparkling servingware, sassy napkins and matching napkin rings...and so much more!  My sewing machine has been burning the midnight oil for the last couple of months and I could not be more THRILLED!!!  Ahhh!  This is the best job I have ever had!  God has truly blessed me in this new venture.  Pics to come soon.  I know!  I am cruel.  I have to keep you coming back somehow!

Next...the holidays.  This was J's and my first 'married' Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year...and...they were AMAZING!!!  I won't gush about every detail, but I gotta say...I fall more and more in love with that man 'o mine every single day.  It is so true that everything in life is better when shared with the one you love- especially Christmas morning.  Ahhh... heavenly. 

Okay...I gotta say that 2010 has a hard act to follow...2009 rocked!  I got myself a new hubby, a new career, and a new lease on life.  BUT...it sure has started off with a pretty fabulous bang.  I started the new year with a roadtrip.  I L.O.V.E. and I do mean L.O.V.E. roadtrips!  The most fabulous and uber gorgeous Jamie asked me if I would like to go to Connecticut to visit our dear friend Kelli (a.k.a. my soul sistah in life), her new hubby, her new home and her new state.  I shrieked YES and off we went!  Little did we know that this was truly a God inspired trip.  Every single day was filled with laughter, new adventures, friends, and God.  Click here to read all about our adventures!  God truly used this time to spiritually fill me up and recognize all the new opportunies that surround me this year.

Since we are talking about new opportunities it is time to announce J's new job opportunity.  The Lundgrens will be relocating to the west side of the state!  We are not sure if it will be temporary or permanent yet, but until then my hubby will be starting his new job in Walker, MI (right next to Grand Rapids) in about two weeks.  I have to be honest that I had a lot more emotions about this move than I thought.  I have talked for YEARS about wanted to move back to the west side of the state...until that exact reality came to be.  THEN I realized that the whole time I had been saying all of that I had layed down some pretty deep roots here in this home of mine.  In this little downtown apartment I have lived in for almost 9 years I have gone from a girl to a woman to a wife.  In those years, I have made friendships so deep that my heart literally hurts just thinking of them not being in my everyday life.  I have met, dated, and married the most amazing man - truly God's best.  I have become my goddaughter's best friend in the whole world (which thankyouverymuch took years to accomplish - she IS almost three you know).  And through it all there has been one constant...God.  He is the reason I have these beautiful friendships.  He is the reason why I can curl up each night with the love of my life.  He is the reason that my goddaughter -who is the coolest little chick I have EVER met - is even with us.  And He is the reason my life is so blessed.  So...if He says this is the time to move.  Then this is the time to move.  Let the adventures begin!

And on that note...I will sign off.  Good night and God bless!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inspiration has struck!

As many of you know I L.O.V.E. to be creative. Paint, ribbon, sparkles...ahhh...sheer bliss. Plain and simple. God may not have blessed me with a size 4 body and an angel's singing voice (both of which I am STILL praying for thankyouverymuch), but he did bless me with crafty fingers! I love when I get struck with inspiration because THAT'S when the magic happens. Seriously, it's like a tidal wave rushes over me filled with endless ideas and energy. It's awesome!

Now...I have wanted to start a business to sell all of my 'creations' for years, but I always seem to let something get in the way. Work...doubt...fear...etc. No longer my friends! Inspiration has struck and this time I am not going to let my God-given talent be sidelined!

This is where you come in. I need a company name. I have some contenders but I need your help! Here are my top picks:
  • So Sarah or That's so Sarah
  • Pure Joy or Pur Joie (seriously...it always looks cooler in french!)
  • So cute or That's so cute

Hmmm...what do you think? Any suggestions? :) I would welcome any feedback! Just think...you may just be the one to name my business!

Oh! You are probably wondering what I am going to be making! Let's just say...it will be fabulous...and I will post a pic when the first one is complete!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Meeting Kamir...

You know, I have never considered myself much of a writer...but my chance encounter tonight has changed me. Tonight I met Kamir.

Kamir is a married man around his fifties, with at least one daughter, that I know of, and he works in the produce department of Meijer. I know...I KNOW what you are thinking...where will this story lead? And that is the exact question I intend to answer.

I had my evening planned out to the very last minute. I left the house at 5 p.m. to run a few errands. I knew I HAD to be back at 8 p.m. at the very latest because I am hopelessly addicted to The Bachelorette, and the season finale was tonight! Am I extremely proud of this fact? No. But, it's the truth friends. Okay, I am on a mission. T.J.Maxx...where I gave myself 45 min...on time...check. Christian bookstore...10 min...on time...check. Meijer...one hour MAX...on time...check...errrrrrrrr...up walks Kamir. And this, my friends, is where the story truly begins.

I had just gotten a few mangoes and was on the hunt for my last few items when a man, Kamir I would later learn, walks up to me and exclaims 'those are a really good deal miss are you sure you only want two?' Okay...in my head I am thinking 'Sir...of course I only want two...not sure if you noticed BUT I did put only two in my little ol' baggie and am now walking away from the delicious mangoes.' Instead I said 'Wow! I know! Such a great deal! So amazing!' That is when Kamir turned my cart around, grabbed that little ol' baggie right out of my hands and started filling it himself. Speechless...yes. Amused...definitely. In my agenda...definitely not!

Kamir starts filling me in about how he himself bought an entire box of mangoes because they were such an amazing deal (2 for $1...just if you are curious)! I finally got him to stop filling my bag with fruit after exclaiming there would be NO WAY I could possibly eat all of these before they would all go bad. End of the story...nope...just the beginning.

My new friend now turns his attention to my cart and starts looking through EACH item! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Who IS this guy? And why am I letting him do this?! He looks at me surprised and said, "you know...this is all really healthy except for one thing." I knew it...the guilt was setting in...I.had.been.caught. It's like the moment when someone catches you eating that ohsoyummy brownie that is NOT on your diet. I held up my one lone box of mac and cheese and said, 'I know, I know...but I had a craving.' That was NOT what Kamir had noticed. It was the Doritos bag. Hmmmm. He started going on and on about if I wanted this I should really get the baked variety because it was much healthier. A smile crept up on my face...victory...I had picked out the baked variety!!! Kamir was proud. And strangely enough, I cared.

I walked away, Kamir followed me to tell me all about bananas, kiwi fruits, figs, and dates. I kept walking. Kamir kept following. Once again, my cart was being led away! What?! I did NOT have time for this! Seriously! All my careful planning! I.needed.to.be.home.at.8.p.m! Would Jillian find love if I wasn't there to watch???

I was being lead to the dates. And, yes, I heard all about the nutritional facts about dates and why pharmaceutical companies won't tell you how amazing they are because they would rather you pop a pill instead of a date (I cannot say I disagree much...but still). I heard all about Kamir buying 31 containers of dates in one week because they were on sale or 2 for $5! He bought every last container they had in stock. And, yes, he emphatically let me know that he enjoyed every last container.

I thanked him and started walking away. He, of course, followed. He wanted to know if I worked out. I said yes. I should have known that wouldn't be good enough. He wanted specifics. After I was done with all of his questions he was satisfied. He said, 'Good! I just really want you to be healthy.' He had been a personal trainer for 15 years and personal health was his passion.

He really wanted me to get some peaches and nectarines, I said no. I kept walking. He stopped my cart at the apricots and told me to eat one. I declined. He said, 'No, seriously, you have to at least try one! They have SO many vitamins in them! It's better than all of this citrus combined! By the way, what is your name?' I introduced myself...ate one apricot...thanked him again...and walked away. That's when he called out to me and said, 'Sarah! What time of day do you work out?' SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?! Enough! I took a deep breath...put my cart into reverse and answered Kamir's question. 'Kamir, I usually work out in the afternoons.' He was relieved and told me NEVER to work out in the morning...it could kill me...and why. I promised him to stick to my afternoon workouts and walked away.

He caught up to me at the cherries. I was knotting my bag when he demanded me to dump them out. Okay, Kamir, seriously I would talk to you all day long BUT I need to know if Jillian picks Ed or Kipton...I am dying here man! He wouldn't leave my side until every last cherry was out of my bag. He then proceeds to grab a few cartons of organic cherries, opens them, and dumps them out saying, 'Sarah, fill your bag with these. They are much better.' Now I don't know if that was legal or not but he was not going to take no for an answer. And he was very proud that he was keeping me healthy. I was his friend.

We parted with the promise to meet again, and if I needed to know anything about the produce that I would come and find him. I rushed to the checkout fearing that I was way behind schedule when I looked at my clock and saw I was still ahead! That's when it hit me. I cared more about a TV show than a real person. Kamir.

I have thought about Kamir all night. I had a mission tonight. I had a time frame to keep. I had no room for error. I had no room for people. I had no room for God to act. And...I have been humbled.

First, Kamir is THE BEST sales person I have EVER encountered at Meijer! I actually want to buy dates just to try them. And, I kinda wish I had bought a few apricots (the orange ones...definitely NOT the yellowish ones...Kamir was adamant about that) since they have so many vitamins and all. And figs? Never tried one except in a newton...will have to put that on my next grocery list. I wish I had asked Kamir more about him. I wish I had taken more time to appreciate him instead of just pacifying him and trying to get home. And I truly do hope my new friend is there on my next visit. God taught me a valuable lesson tonight about priorities. God first. People second. TV...not even in the running.

Kamir has left a lasting impression on me...more than he will ever know. A perfect stranger cared for me enough to follow me around and make sure I had the very BEST that he could offer. Would everyone have felt blessed by Kamir? No. But I did. And I know he was a blessing from God to open my eyes and truly see and appreciate the people He puts in my path.

Now...just if you are curious...I walked in my door at 7:59:04 p.m. Just in time. :) And, yes, I watched every addicting moment of Jillian's love adventure. She picked Ed. I was thrilled and danced around my living room. Not even kidding you. Again...not proud, but so super fun!